• Anger


    This article is also available to read it in తెలుగు Anger o’ AngerSuch a guilty pleasure you’reYou make me feel good when you comeYou make me feel bad when you leaveYou make me feel right when I express youYou make me feel wrong once I express youAnger o’ AngerSuch a guilty pleasure you’reYou shall Envy…

  • Emotional Judgement

    Emotional Judgement

    Once upon a time, in a quaint village, lived two neighbors, Madhav and Keshav, who harbored a deep-seated jealousy for each other’s affluence. Though their outward demeanor displayed the facade of amiable companionship, in their hearts, envy festered like a hidden ember. One day, seeking solace and divine intervention, they embarked on a pilgrimage to…

  • The night before Christmas

    The night before Christmas

    It is a biweekly update with project manager in Sweden, where he will update the project status to the team here, so it is an interesting meeting. I took an excuse from the manager that I will join little late to the meeting, because I have to go to lunch with a visitor who is…